Have you ever wondered – Serangoon


Have you wondered how Serangoon got its name, or what it means?

Legend says that Serangoon is actually named after a bird, “Burong Ranggong”, which was commonly found by the riverine swamps around the Serangoon River. The numeral ‘one’ or ‘satu’ in Malay abbreviated to ‘sa’, led to the name ‘Saranggong’, which is Serangoon.

However, some also say that the name is derived from ‘di-serang dengan gong’, a Malay phrase which translates to, ‘to surround with gongs’. This was due to the use of gongs in the past, to scare away animals from the forested area of Serangoon.

No matter the origin, Serangoon is now known to be a lively housing estate filled with good food and a bustling nex Singapore mall! Share with us your favourite haunts in the area!

Photo credits: Wikimedia User: ProjectManhattan

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