International Food in Your Neighbourhood – Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice

“There is more to Arabic cuisine than just briyani, hummus and kebabs. There is a wealth of dishes that I want to share with the locals, and hopefully they will come to appreciate and learn more about the country where I come from, Saudi Arabia.”

– Mustafa Dumidae, 42, owner of a Arabic cuisine food stall

Dumidae’s entrepreneurial and culinary roots came from his family back in Mecca. They operate a restaurant and catering service there offering Malay and Arab food to Muslims on their pilgrimage. He started his shop, Abu Mubarak Mandi Rice, at Bedok Food Centre with great encouragement from his colleagues in the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Singapore, having left his full-time job at the embassy to concentrate on his stall.

Check out the video here on Sunny Side SG Facebook Page

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