Our Local Farms – Nutrinest

When you think of bees, do you imagine vicious flying insects which come in hordes to sting you? Well, Xavier Tan from Nutrinest will change your mind about them!

Xavier’s passion for bee conservation was ignited when he found out that many bees lost their homes due to deforestation in Malaysia. He then sought to change misconceptions about bees, and to encourage interaction between humans and bees, so that people will be less fearful of them. This led to the start of Nutrinest in Sembawang, Singapore in 2014.

If you need bee removal services, Xavier will gladly help remove bees from your home or garden, and relocate them to a safe place! For more information about the apiarist and his bee conservation activities – or if you just want a taste of the honey he collects from the bees – click here: http://bit.ly/2CEaNJc

Check out the video here on Sunny Side SG Facebook Page

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