Out Of The Noms – Bak Kwa With a Twist

“I studied interior design in school and went on to work for a few years as a designer. However, I finally decided to go back to what I did my entire childhood – roasting bak kwa on charcoal. I guess you can say I’m coming going back to my roots.

Everything that I do reminds me of my traditions and culture – that keeps me motivated to continue what I do everyday.”
– Roy Aw, Manager of Hu Zhen Long Foodstuff Trading

Ever heard of coffee-infused bak kwa, lobster bak kwa or crocodile meat bak kwa? Try these newfangled creations at Hu Zhen Long, a 70-year-old business that started out selling pure sesame oil. They expanded to sell other traditional Chinese snacks such as Chinese dried sausages, shrimp rolls and bak kwa about 46 years ago.

Check out the video here on Sunny Side SG Facebook Page

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