Out Of The Noms – Pork Briyani

“When you think of Indian-Muslim food such as briyani and curry, you will realise that there is no pork version. We have chicken, mutton and beef, but no pork.

My friends and I love pork, and we wanted to satisfy the cravings of the pork lovers in Singapore. Hence we came up with this idea of merging two of our favourite foods together – pork and briyani.”

– Rengan Balakrishnan, co-founder of Banana Leaf Pork Briyani

Probably the first-ever pork briyani in Singapore, this unique recipe, which is the brainchild of Rengan and his three friends/business partners, has succulent pork ribs cooked in curry and a variety of spices, served on a bed of basmati rice.

Watch on to find out more about their pork briyani, and other interesting items on their menu!

Check out the video here on Sunny Side SG Facebook Page

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